Cooking Cure Day 3

Day 3’s assignment is a fun one: find 5 new breakfast recipes you would like to try, keeping the goals you set yesterday in mind.

Luckily for me, I keep a running tab on my bookmarks of recipes I find that I would like to try, so this did not take me long at all. I tried to stick with my goal of straying away from the sweet, but I’m not being hard on myself that a couple of these will still satisfy my sweet tooth.  =) Here are the five I settled on:

1. Breakfast Polenta Bake–I plan on adding mushrooms to this.  I’m not a huge fan of traditional frittata-like egg dishes.  The texture of the baked, whisked eggs kind of gets to me (and how it kinda just towers there!), so I think the addition of the corn meal will be good for that!

2. Simple yet elegant Scrambled Egg Toast on either gluten-free or sprouted grain bread and using my homemade almond milk. I figure scrambled eggs are fast enough to make in the morning and don’t require the delicate touch that over-easy eggs do.  I might also add some smoked salmon on these!

3.  Sweet potato and sausage hash (because sweet potatoes don’t count as sweet, right? Right?!)–I’ll make the hash ahead of time, per the recipe, and then heat it up in individual portions in my toaster oven.  Instead of baking the egg in the oven, I’ll just cook an egg or two over-easy on the pan and serve them on top with their yolky goodness!

4.  This Avocado Breakfast Pudding intrigues me.  I have been making smoothies with avocado, and I’ve noticed that you really can’t taste it, so I am curious to try something where the avocado isn’t masked.

5.  I’ve been wanting to make a home-made granola, so I will try this Pumpkin Seed version, using pumpkin seeds I got in my latest Naturebox!

Will you be adding anything new to your breakfast repertoire?