Lunch. It’s What’s For Dinner. (Cooking Cure Cont’d)

Hi, my name is Gwen, and I’m addicted to avocado pudding.  Since making my first new breakfast on Friday, I have made the avocado pudding three more times.

Avocado pudding...with eggs!  (Sorry for the pic quality)

Like with eggs! (phone pic, sorry!)

If you’re wondering whether this is also Picky-Eater-Approved, I am happy to report that Mr. Little Fish really liked it!  He was skeptical of the avocado pudding by itself, saying only that it was “interesting,”  but when I topped it with the granola, he was kind of amazed at how well it all worked together and agreed with me that it was weirdly really good. (Sidebar: I also ended up making the polenta breakfast bake this week, but am underwhelmed with the results.  After browsing the comments, I see this was a common thing, so I will probably not be making this again, but I do feel good that I’ve made 3 out of the 5 new recipes I posted about last week.)

In other news, this week was my birthday week (yay me!).  That, coupled with a few really busy days at work, means that I have been slightly behind in this week’s Cooking Cure, which focuses on lunch (Days 6, 7, and 8‘s assignments here, which essentially ask you to repeat everything you did for breakfast week).  Lunch is probably one of the hardest meals of the day to master. It’s usually the main time of the day that you are away from home and thus actually have to, you know, plan.  Some weeks I’m more successful at this than others.  

My main secret to lunch? Dinner.  I am generally not a huge fan of making things I don’t immediately plan on eating.  In fact, it’s safe to say that Leftovers and I have had a pretty rocky relationship.  While Leftovers tried his hardest to woo me, I stubbornly refused to acknowledge his existence.  Rather than just letting him waste away in my fridge, I tried to match-make with friends and family, and it would let me off the hook temporarily, but eventually I’d find myself face to face with him again. And the more I cooked, the more my meetings with Leftovers were inevitable. Eventually I stopped resisting Leftovers, and we hit it off. One day, it clicked–I’d found The One (sorry Little Fish).  And I’ve embraced Leftovers ever since.  In fact, I plan around them.

Thus, my lunches last week included leftovers of cherry tomato gnocchi with spinach and bacon (recipe here!) and then four days of slow-cooker beef taco soup.  This week was only slightly different in that I’ve eaten my mother-in-law’s delicious Russian cabbage rolls the past three days.  In other words, my lunches, though tasty, don’t include much variety.  I compensate for the sameness of lunch by mixing up dinner, but I can’t pretend that some days I don’t just want anything other than the thing I’ve been eating for the last three days.

So coming up with my goals for lunch this week was pretty easy: add more variety.  One way I would like to do this is to include more salads.  I’ve always had good intentions about salads, but I never find them all that satisfying because cold food is, well, cold.  With summer coming up (maybe??!? finally??), I’m thinking that maybe I will actually appreciate the lightness and coldness of salads, so I thought it would be good to start finding some favorites now.

With that in mind, here are the five lunch recipes I would like to try this week:

1.  Reset Button Salad, probably adding apple for some sweetness.
2.  Carrot coconut soup because I think this would be good cold or warm, and I have some leftover homemade chicken broth I want to use up.  =)
3.  Roasted Eggplant salad.  A warm salad!  Best of both worlds??
4.  This Crunchy Cashew Thai Salad is calling my name, loudly.
5. Sriricha steak lettuce wraps because I’ve been on a Sriracha kick lately!

How is your Cooking Cure going?  Have you made anything new lately?

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