Cooking Cure Day 2: Rethinking your breakfast routine

Day 2 Assignment:  Ask yourself 3 questions about your breakfast routine

After Day 1’s assignment of writing down what you ate for breakfast over the last week, Day 2 asks you to evaluate that list. If you have been following my blog, you probably know by now that breakfast is perhaps my favorite meal of the day.  I find that what I eat/don’t eat for breakfast can really affect my mood and energy levels the rest of the day, particularly on work days. So, I’ve put a lot of thought into my breakfast routine.  Last week I ate a combination of green smoothies and whole grains/seeds, and I feel pretty good about what I ate.  Although I’ve been eating smoothies for a while now, I haven’t yet tired of them because there are literally endless things you can do with them.  As for oatmeal, I just really find a piping hot bowl of oatmeal to be extremely satisfying on these cold-weather days.

In general, my breakfast guidelines are these:

1.  Eat protein and fat.  I’ve explained how I do that in my smoothies, but I really try to do that no matter what I’m eating. If I’m having a bowl of oatmeal, for example, I’ll eat a piece of ham or smoked salmon along with it.
2.  Try to get a veggie in for fiber.  This isn’t always possible (who wants vegetables in their oatmeal??), but when I feel like my body is craving veggies, I typically end up doing the smoothies.  I honestly feel the best on the days I get the veggies in.
3.  Limit added sugar intake.  I try to go with natural sugars every time, and, even then, I try to limit the amount I’m eating.  So, instead of eating  whole banana, I always just use half–enough to provide some creaminess in a smoothie or sweetness to my overnight oats–and save the rest in the fridge for the next day.  If I need a sweetener, I try to stick with honey or dates if I’ve run out of bananas, and do not add any additional sugar if I don’t need to.
4.  Never skip.  For all the reasons I just mentioned, I have to eat breakfast.  On days, like the weekend, where I sometimes skip breakfast because I woke up late, I find my energy levels are more erratic and, most importantly, I find that I am more prone to constant snacking throughout the day, thus contributing to slight weight gain.

Last week was one of my favorite breakfast weeks.  I really loved all the things I ended up having, but I’ve also discovered a quinoa/oat breakfast bake that I will be adding to this site as well as my regular rotation.  One goal I have moving forward is that, although I do a pretty good job of limiting overall sugar intake, I am still leaning towards the sweeter side of the breakfast spectrum.  So I want to be more diligent about doing a week or two without any sugar and eat more eggs and salmon and cottage cheese.

Have you assessed your breakfast routine?  Anything you’d like to change?  Need more breakfast ideas?  Check out my recipe index!


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