Huffington Post has a great article on the mistakes cooks make that might be making your time in the kitchen harder!  I figured this was a nice “what not to do” complement to the TheKitchn article I posted last week!

I, for one, will be trying to onion technique!

UPDATE:  Confirming that I tried the onion technique, and I’m happy to report that there were ZERO tears involved, and it really was much faster and easier!  This Ramsey fellow must really know what he’s talking about.  😉

Streamlining the Cooking Process

I do about 80-85% of the things on this list, and they are all tips that I’ve shared with friends who have reasonable gripes about cooking.

To be honest, I had seen a variety of these things when I first started cooking and dismissed them as not really necessary.  But, although I forgot about all of them as time went on, I somehow ended up developing these habits on my own (for example, I had no idea what a mise en place was but I do it for everything).  You’ll see these tips come up again as I share recipes, but I wanted to post this list so it’s all in one place!