With the recent release of Fed Up in theaters, I was reminded of an article I read from the New York Times a while back. Published early last year, it discusses the science the food industry uses to make us addicted to junk foods.  If you’ve ever tried to quit processed foods and failed, or ever wondered how you could even try in the first place, this (long but) great read will hopefully shine some light on that!

With production costs trimmed and profits coming in, the next question was how to expand the franchise, which they did by turning to one of the cardinal rules in processed food: When in doubt, add sugar. 

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk FoodThe New York Times.

The Science of Spiciness

I like spicy foods.  I get it from my dad.  This video is a fun explanation of why we chose to put ourselves through eating spicy foods.  I can remember more than one occasion where my dad brings himself to tears and runny noses and still pushes through whatever he happens to be eating.  If you are the same (or know someone who is), watch the video to learn why!