The Kitchn’s Cooking Cure 2014

In a cooking rut?  Need inspiration to start cooking?  Not sure how to actually implement home cooking on a day-to-day basis?

Even the most well-intentioned of us hit a cooking wall every once in a while.  I know I do.  Lately, I’ve been eating out more because I’ve had a harder than usual time committing to cooking all the time.  After all, it takes time and planning and…time.  So, when TheKitchn, a blog I read on a daily basis, advertised a Cooking Cure program, I decided to sign up and share my experiences and adventures here with you all!  From their website:

This 4-week Cooking Cure is designed to get you cooking at home every day, starting with 5-minute baby steps and culminating in a week of 21 home-cooked meals. There will be plenty of flexibility for you to set your own goals and figure out what your breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be. Think of it as a guided Choose Your Own Adventure in cooking every day, your way, your style. We’ll provide 20 assignments, designed to break you out of your cooking rut and guide you into new meals and happier cooking every day.

Interested?  Sign up here and share your experiences with me!  Per this week’s “homework,” here is what I ate for breakfast this week:

Monday & Tuesday: Green smoothie consisting of pear, banana, fresh ginger, Greek yogurt, and romaine lettuce
Wednesday: Same as above but with 2 cups of spinach instead of romaine
Thursday: Vegan overnight oats  with chia seeds, rolled oats, banana, coconut milk, vanilla extract and topped with natural peanut butter and a few chocolate chips (this was delicious!)
Friday: homemade energy bar and a smoothie made with banana, uncooked rolled oats, cinnamon, vanilla, and coconut milk

Are you gonna do the Cure?  What did you have for breakfast this week?

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