Three Foodies and A Picky Eater: Birthday Edition

True to my word, I was the slightly obnoxious dining partner who took pictures of all her food at my birthday dinner on Friday.  I used to be a repeat offender of doing this, so I won’t pretend that I’m unfamiliar with the eye-rolls, but I have become more discerning in my old age and now try to keep it for meals that are particularly memorable.  And when the first course arrives and even Mr. Little Fish looks down at his plate and calls it beautiful, you know it’s gonna be memorable.

You may or may not know by now that Mr. Little Fish is not much of a foodie.  So it was with a little bit of nervousness that I suggested going to Restaurant Jezebel for my birthday dinner (after trying and failing to plan either weekend wine bus tours or restaurant tours–damn you SXSW!).  He was slightly skeptical about the price tag at first (so was I!), but once I started describing what I knew about the restaurant, he was sold by my excitement.  So we invited our friends K & M to join us on our fine dining excursion, and they happily agreed.

And when I say fine dining, I mean fine dining.  Sometimes it’s a weird feeling to realize that you aren’t a kid anymore, and sitting in suits and sexy cocktail dresses at a restaurant that only has 8 tables, and only seats those tables once per night, was one of those times.  Kinda feels like a dream I had to pinch myself awake from, or like I was a little girl wearing my mom’s shoes and clothes. Eventually though, our waiter arrived and we spent 10 minutes talking to him about what kinds of food we liked (all seafood; no venison for Mr. LF; haven’t had foie gras and slightly skeptical but willing to try; K isn’t an eggplant guy) and ordered a bottle of champagne and any imposter feelings faded away as we settled in to a delicious meal.

Our amuse bouche, or as I call it the pre-game meal before the actual meal, was a smoked paprika bread roll with two types of butter–goat cheese or smoked salmon–and olives marinated in an amazing balsamic reduction.  The balsamic reduction was drink-it-out-of-the-dish good.  The rest of the courses, in slideshow form (and sans individual reviews….just assume it was all phenomenal!):

I forgot to take a picture of the third course (duck and foie gras) because I was too excited to try it and ate it all before I remembered.  Also, sorry about the quality–I did try to minimize my obnoxiousness by trying not to use flash for the photos, which of course led to lesser quality photos.  By the end though, champagne doing its job+the restaurant being more or less cleared out=bring on the flash!

Anywho, big thanks to Mr. LF and K & M for the best birthday dinner ever!


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